I Am Mr. James M. Marriott

Hi, I’m James Marriott and I welcome you to my website. Lots of people have a website for lots of different reasons but for me, for this website, its main purpose is:

1. Self promotion – Because if you don’t love yourself enough to shout it to the world then no one else is going to love you. Absolutely nothing narcissistic about it, nope.

2. To host my blog and rant forums – I occasionally have something to say; one might even go as far to say I have the odd opinion here and there. If one were so inclined, one might go further and say “you know that James fella, well I met him once and he’s one self-obsessed opinionated sumbitch!”. Either way, when I have something to say, here’s where I’ll say (repeat?) it.

3. To develop my business portfolio and website developer skills – When I’m not being a complete arse, I’m a web developer and I love what I do. This site is a bit of a test bed for new ideas so don’t be surprised if something around here breaks or looks different.

Make no mistake, this website is mostly about Me, Me and Me. Bear with it though as in between bouts of inane whining I will be passing on all my worldly knowledge with hints, tips and advice on how to make life as easy as possible. Please browse my website (links on the left), have a laugh and do join in any of the discussions.

So who is James Marriott?

photo of James Marriott wearing a hat
Me at a tweetup wearing Dan’s hat

I’m me. I’m also Zebedee and Tosh and to family I’m Jamie. You might also see me online as Florafumi.

Born on a small farm (yes, literally) in a small village located in the heart of the county of Suffolk, England I spent my early childhood playing in the farm yard and surrounding fields. A few quick moves later and we (the family) finally settled in Colchester, Essex where I spent most of life until in 2011 I up’d sticks and moved to North Dakota, USA.

In my own words: I’m lovely, so I’m told. (Post) 30 something going on 12. Lover of tea, Linux (mostly Ubuntu but more recently Fedora) and beautiful people. I’m a PHP Web developer (means I do the clever bits with websites) and for the past umpteen years have been so on a self-employed / freelance basis.

My biggest passions when I’m not developing websites are music, skiing (don’t get to do nearly as much of this as I’d like), riding my motorbike, and my friends* who of course mean the world to me. I (trying to) love life and I’m (trying to) enjoy every minute of it. Now I′ll admit that I’m a massive geek but I′ll get offended if you call me a nerd (though I confess to a few nerdish qualities). I’m honest, genuine and not afraid to speak my mind. That means I won′t tolerate bullshit.

*Awesome example of the correct use for an Oxford comma!

According to others:

James Marriott is an opinionated, sarcastic, cantankerous old bastard that takes great pride in pissing the world off. Considers most people to be stupid and beneath him until they’ve proven otherwise and generally shows contempt for all thing human. James frequently demonstrates a deep loathing towards numerous large companies in particular Microsoft, Vauxhall / GM, Adobe and Apple. A geek with a few nerdish qualities whom given the chance would convert everyone to Ubuntu, Firefox, Google and Android. Despised by most that meet them though the few friends he does have will probably, lord only knows why, stick with him for life.

But we do love him. (OK, I added that last bit, bite me.)

Teddy has left the pram and I’m spitting dummies

Did you see! There’s a blog. Of course there’s a blog, that should have been obvious to anyone that bothered to read the nonsense above.

What’s going on in the life of James Marriott?

All my posts about what I’ve been up to can be found in the Life Updates section of my blog.

Quick note about this website

Please note that this website is in a state of permanent flux and so you may notice content and design changes from one day to the next. However, if something doesn’t look right please do let me know as I’m always happy to take some constructive criticism…

With one exception – if you’re viewing this using Internet Explorer (for the love of all things Earthly, why??) and using a version pre IE11 (you need shooting) I don’t care that it doesn’t look right (it’s a personal website so I have that right), chances are it’s just yet another issue with Internet Explorer / Edge.

Latest Website Updates (Very Exciting??)

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