Touch Me, Touch Me. *Ahem*, I mean Contact Me

So you wanna reach out and touch me baby? That’s right, this doesn’t have to be just a one way thing, it can be an EVERY way thing. Just when you didn’t think this could be any worse. Here’s as many ways to contact me as I can think of:

Send me an email (preferred): [My regular email address*]

Send me a tweet or DM: @JamesMMarriott

Find me on Facebook: change-to-google-plus (though I rarely log-in)

Connect with me on LinkedIn: JamesMarriott

Invite me to Hangout: [My regular email address*]

Skype me: JustJames76

Message me on Telegram: [My US phone number*]

I do not use, and will probably never use instagram, kik or whatsapp.

* If you don’t already have this information, feel free to contact me using any other method and I’ll consider letting you have them.

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