Photos of Me

Not sure what I’m going to include here or how I’m going to lay it out, will probably change every time I look at this page but at least some photos of me, my things and maybe even some other random objects, places and people. If it gets too much I’ll create separate galleries.

Photo of James Marriott on a motorcycle
Me on my FZR1000. Full leathers and boots – no squidding from me.
photo of kidnet stone
This is a kidney stone I passed. I called him Eric. The coin is a US quarter, about the same size as a 10p coin.

My Tattoos

By Sim at Cosmic Tattoo, Colchester

My first tattoo. Technically first two. I had my Wife’s name first then about a month or so later I had the scroll added.

More of Sim’s work

Cosmic Tattoo’s Website

By Stephanie at 46&2, Fargo, ND

Tattoos on my left calf. Union Flag (Jack) and the St. George’s Cross.
Tattoo on my left arm. Not that I believe in Astrology but I can’t deny the fact I’m an Aries so this is a ram . I had it in red because it looks cool and I wanted it to look a little satanic.

More of Stephanie’s work

46&2 Website

My Favourite Places


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photo taken down-town toronto
One of my favourite photos, the Gooderham Building in Toronto. No filters, just HDR mode.
sign outside of a Toronto business says If you are racist sexist homophobic or an asshole don't come in
Reasons why Canada is awesome.
photo of toronto taken from a boat
Photo of down-town Toronto taken from the Toronto Island ferry


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