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Dummy Spat and Teddy Has Left the Pram

Of course there’s a blog! I have opinions and I just love to share them and I don’t care who listens. And if it’s just me and the cats and even they have had enough and leave then… who are they kidding, I have the treats; they’ll listen to my rants for treats and they … Continue reading Dummy Spat and Teddy Has Left the Pram

North Dakota Motorcycle Permit

Since moving to North Dakota I’ve discovered that there are a great deal of things that are different from what I’m used to. Different way of life, different use of language, different way of doing things and some of these differences are harder to get my head around than others. Today, it’s the North Dakota … Continue reading North Dakota Motorcycle Permit

Cheap Fuel Doesn’t Cost Less

It’s something I notice more in the US than I did back home in the UK (though wasn’t completely missing from many Brits) – People paying more attention to the advertised price of fuel than to how much that particular fuel is costing them and going with what they perceive as the cheaper option. If … Continue reading Cheap Fuel Doesn’t Cost Less

Got My Driving Licence Back

As you may have seen from a previous post, I was banned from driving for six months after being caught speeding on my bike. Today, 14th February 2009 is one very special valentines day. I’ve been told numerous times that I’m not exactly the romantic type but it’s not for lack of trying or wanting to … Continue reading Got My Driving Licence Back

Banned for 6 Months

It was bound to happen. I have a bit of a lead foot and a heavy right hand. I already had 11 points on my licence from two previous appearances before m’lud, one of which netted me 6 points for speeding. The first offence for five points was due to some cock-fuckery with insurance after … Continue reading Banned for 6 Months