Dummy Spat and Teddy Has Left the Pram

Of course there’s a blog! I have opinions and I just love to share them and I don’t care who listens. And if it’s just me and the cats and even they have had enough and leave then… who are they kidding, I have the treats; they’ll listen to my rants for treats and they know it.

OK, I may have some issues but so do you. Difference is I’m telling you about mine and for some reason you’re listening (reading, what-ever).

Seriously though, we all go through some hard times and some deal with it better than others. This is one of my methods for dealing with the stupid that I witness almost every day. But there are some fun ones too, I’m not always so cantankerous (?).

As always, feel free to comment about anything I’ve written or if you’d prefer, you can get in touch privately and I’ll always try my best to answer as quickly as possible. I won’t post anything publicly without your permission but do note that comment are live (for the most part), so leaving a public comment will imply consent.

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